Website Checklist


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The first thing we need is a WIX account, I can create it for you.

For that, I will need your email address. In case you have a WIX account already,

I will need your Login info which is your email and password.
Please make sure you are the owner of the account and your domain.



Home page

The most important part which creates the first impression of your site is the Homepage image, please send me a variety of pictures (Horizantle will be preferred). The picture needs to be in its best quality, (starting from 1MB), you can send me your chosen images by email or Wetransfer. 



Site Structure

If you got an overview of your preferred site's structure, sending it to me could help.




We will need many pictures for the site design and the Gallery section.




Make sure you have your CV ready. Your CV can be shown in other languages on the About page or can be downloaded as a PDF file.




Links to Youtube and Vimeo.



Social links

links to:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Youtube channel

  • Spotify




For the Presskit page, we will need at least one Portrait and one medium shot picture in good quality.

Your CV in English + other languages as PDF


Other activities

Are there any other activities you would like to present on your site (for example):

  • Teaching

  • Festivals

  • My Philosophy

  • Composing

  • Arrangements 


Wix Basic connection to Google.


We will need 3 keywords (for example):

Violin soloist,  Classical concert performance, Violin teaching

For your description in web search results, describe yourself in 300 Characters (including spaces)

In order to connect the site to google, you will need a Gmail address. 


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